Protection on the road

A child rides the school bus... A mother pushes her baby stroller across the street... A family travels to Israel for Yom Tov... Our Torah leaders have recognized the increase in worldwide travel accidents. That's why they are so enthusiastic about this powerful, protective measure: Shemirah Bidrachim - Protection on the Road.

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Rabbinical endorsements

This revolutionary insurance coverage was first introduced in Israel with support from the leading Rabbinical authorities in Israel. Here are their endorsements as relayed to Rabbi Goldberg on Rosh Chodesh Adar 5748 after each read the "Insurance Policy certificate".

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Protection for yourself and your family

To quote Hagaon Harav Shmuel Halevi Wosner, zt"l, "The pure and holy prayers of Jewish children have the ability to cease the casualties of vehicle mishaps!"

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